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INYA Plastic Free Tips

Do you ever see plastic when you are walking around? We see it every where, on the street, in the park, in the cafe, at the market, in the store, along the shore and in the ocean. 

As an ethical swimwear company, we have adopted ways of reducing our reliance on plastic to keep our environment healthy and happy in both our company, and everyday lives. We would like to share them with you.

ere are some of our favourite tips that help reduce our use of plastic.


in your arms sustainability tips


Reusable Bags 

• In Your Arms Organic Cotton Bag that comes with every purchase works great as a reusable bag, and is stylish too.

Reusable Containers for both food and drink 

• Great for on the go adventures like beach days in your In Your Arms swimmers.

Reusable Utensils 

Invest in some bamboo utensils to keep in your handbag or backpack and use everyday on the go - or grab a set from your kitchen draw, pop them in a cotton bag and use them on the go!

Stop sucking 

Switch up plastic straws for bamboo, glass or stainless steel re-usable straw you can carry with your utensil kit - OR stop sucking! Lift your glass to your mouth and you will realise you never needed a straw anyway!

Shop local, head to the farmer's market 

fresh produce which lasts longer than supermarket produce 

• avoid produce wrapped in plastic. 

shop seasonal produce with higher nutritional value, support local business

 it's easy to refuse plastic at the market! hand over your In Your Arms Organic Cotton Bag or any other reusable bag to the farmer weighing your produce.  

carry it home in a produce box from the farmers market or bring a basket or big shopping tote.

Reusable water Bottles

• ditch plastic water bottles forever by bringing your own water bottle and refilling it where ever you go.

Bar Soap over Liquid Soap 

• better for the environment and your skin! Made and packaged with natural ingredients, zero packaging, bar soap is a positive for life all around.

in you arms sustainability tips

in you arms sustainability tips

in you arms sustainability tips


Food on the Go 

using your reusable container and bag, reduce your waste whilst also being more nutritious!  

Natural Cosmetic Products 

• opt for natural products, DIY natural cosmetics using ingredients from your pantry. 


Single Use Plastic Bags 

• super easy when you have your In Your Arms Organic Cotton Bag on hand.

Plastic Bottled Drinks 

• you can get more liquid in your canister anyways! 

Plastic Straws 

• save the turtles! 

in your arms sustainability tips

in your arms sustainability tips

These are just a few steps we can take to use less plastic! We have found these methods easy to adopt in our daily lives. It also feels really good to know that you are creating less waste and doing something good for the environment, and ultimately yourself.

Share with us some of your favorite tips and actions against the use of plastic. We can’t wait to see what we can do as a community to help save our planet one reusable In Your Arms Organic Cotton Bag at a time.